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Venus in Pisces - January 3rd 2017

Venus in Pisces - January 3rd 2017

Painting: “Vénus et Cupidon avec amour et allégorie d’un fleuve”, Gérard de LAIRESSE (1641–1711)

The planet of love enters Pisces on Tuesday. This Venus ingress Pisces is different than a regular ingress because of the powerful planetary articulation of Pisces throughout January: Venus, Mars, Neptune, South Node and Chiron are all located in Pisces. This Pisces stellium emphasizes Piscean characteristics such as imagination, emotions, selflessness, confusion, and unfortunately martyrdom. Venus in Pisces indicates that self-sacrifice is the backbone of relationships. Compassion, sympathy, conscience and devotion mark all forms of sharing. One is more inclined to love all the beings, and to participate in charitable activities. Among value judgements, idealism and acceptance are accentuated.

In Astrology, Pisces is the exaltation of Venus. In other words, Venus is particularly powerful in this sign. Even the astrological symbol of Pisces is originated from a myth about Venus. The glyph of Pisces (), two crescents connected through a line, represents Venus and her son Cupid, who were transformed into fish while they were running away from the monster Typhon. In astrology, Venus’s function of love feels itself most comfortable at the psychological process of Pisces, which is self-sacrifice, acceptance, compassion and selflessness. Thus Venus exalts in Pisces.

Due to its high speed, Venus cannot create long-lasting mile stones in our lives.  However, it can trigger themes that are already in effect. It can activate issues about love and relationships. It may offer new romantic opportunities. Moreover, it also provides a rest period where we can store energy for subsequent adventures. If transit Venus affects a birth chart with hard aspects, appetite may grow disproportionately. One may be tempted to use his/her beauty in order to take advantage of people. In addition, lethargy and an affinity to luxury are potential shadows of Transit Venus.

Venus in Pisces points out that self-sacrifice is the most stressed characteristic in amorous relationships. Under this influence, one especially derives pleasure from making the other happy. The line between divine love and worldly love is blurred. One loves all the beings when s/he loves his/her partner. S/he devotes himself/herself to philanthropic activities without any material interest.

When Venus travels through Pisces, sensitivity increases, people can start to perceive beyond the material world. For this reason, artistic inspiration peaks during this season. Imagination becomes vivid. Poetry, cinema and all art forms that are rich in illusion and fantasy develop in this period. One should particularly pay attention to visions arising from unconscious and dreams. It is advised to take notes about dreams because under the penta-planetary stellium in Pisces they certainly point out to important events. It would be also wise to concentrate on spiritualism and mysticism under this strong Piscean influence.

A negative response to Venus’ journey in Pisces would be over-idealization of love. Desperately searching for a “soul mate” is the source of the problem. Longing for a perfect relationship and attaching a mentally constructed fantasy into a lover’s avatar will result in frustration when the reality cracks the fantasy. The shadow of Piscean Venus is imaging love detached from reality. Hence, one will be likely to dodge responsibilities of a relationship. One will have a tendency to shy away from reciprocal liabilities and mundane details of being a couple. As a result, instead of dealing with these real issues, one can seek platonic love. S/he can yearn for the perfect love whereas s/he does not put any effort. In addition, another shadow of Pisces Venus is playing the role of the savior or victim in romantic relationships. Be wary of deception.

A productive response to this aspect would be integrating a right amount of acceptance to your relationships. This requires the inclusion of compassion, empathy and understanding. Moreover, Venus in the process of Pisces requires effacement of ego to a reasonable extent. If you want to benefit from this psychological process for your inner evolution, you need to make some effort in order to transcend your ego. The main concern here is exceeding “I”, and dissolving in “One.”   The prerequisite of this quest is enjoying chaos. You need to trust the “big plan” and you should let yourself go with the flow. At that moment, you cease worrying about the future and you will seize the moment.

You would experience this Venus ingress Pisces influence in the life compartment associated with the house occupied by Pisces in your natal chart. Furthermore you should keep in mind where your Natal Venus is located in your birth chart, and which house cusps intersect with Taurus and Libra in your birth chart while you consider personal effects of this transit.

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